About Us

Founded in 2016, EI Logics delivers unique and high-quality solutions to address the specific needs of researchers. With years of experience and a true dedication to enhancing the pharmaceutical industry’s critical research, our professionals help clinical institutions maximize the value of their clinical data. We bring forth innovative, fast, and tailored clinical data management solutions for clients by combining our collective knowledge and expertise in the area.

At El, we offer clinical data management services to pharmaceuticals and vendors. Our data management services are delivered globally, are linked with hi-tech platforms, and include standard operating procedures to ensure tight timelines and cost-efficiency. We understand the importance of timely and accurate data management for clinical trials, and that’s why we implement a high-end service combined with the insight of our professionals to provide collaborative solutions.

Our mission is simple: to become the #1 service provider for clinical data management and make clinical research data analysis easy and reliable to help bring new treatments to the industry and for the patients. We assure you that our methodology delivers precise and accurate data that guides credible decision-making. Our data management system includes case report form design to data review, dictionary coding, eConsent development, EDC database development, IP management system development and maintenance, URL management, external vendor data uploads, and reconciliation, full-service or data management stand-alone, and FSP arrangements.

Partner with El and seamlessly manage your clinical data on time and within the budget. Our team is creative, flexible, accountable, and a problem-solver, dedicated to delivering successful and reliable results. We ensure that the data validations are in their place for all data sources and synchronize the delivery, internal and external, to support the final data deliveries. We provide clients with accuracy in data acquisition and speed to improve transparency, data quality, review, and risk minimization.

Reach out to us today to discuss your unique project needs and learn how our expert clinical data management can bring life to your subsequent clinical trial.