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Founded in 2016, EI Logics delivers unique and high-quality solutions to address the specific needs of researchers. With years of experience and a true dedication to enhancing the pharmaceutical industry’s critical research, our professionals help clinical institutions maximize the value of their clinical data. We bring forth innovative, fast, and tailored clinical data management solutions for clients by combining our collective knowledge and expertise in the area.

Integrated Products

Our products reflect our commitment to providing stellar data management and statistical analysis, exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Automate your data preparation and ensure that data is persistently mapped and automatically standardized.

Data Central

Be more proactive and data-driven by integrating your clinical data through Data Central for effective data management and review.

Clinical Analytics

Use real-time medical data to enhance your operational oversight. Take effective decisions, generate fact-based insights, increase revenues, and save on costs.

Risk-Based Monitoring

Enhance patient safety and ensure the quality of your clinical data through Risk-Based Monitoring to create effective and efficient solutions.








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Our Services

Biostatistics and Statistical Consulting

Our team provides biostatistics and statistical consulting services to help deliver clear perspectives to the clients.


Project Management

From start-up to submission, our project management team collaborates with you.


Clinical Trial Design

We believe that the trial design is a critical step in implementing a successful clinical study program.


Data Conversion and Standardization

Our professional experts in data management offer technology-driven data conversion and standardization services to help streamline data analysis.



We’ve partnered with high-growth emerging pharmaceutical and clinical clients and provided innovative solutions to transform their clinical research and drive measurable results.
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